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Work Package 4: Joint Research Activity (JRA): Moving from physical to digital collections

To improve access to data stored digitally within NH Institutions by developing mechanisms that enable institutions to enrich digital media with metadata to increase their usability to a broad range of potential Users.

JRA Objective 1: Automated data collection from digital images

Task 1: Automatic processing (segmentation) of digital images

Task 2: Automatic metadata capture

Task 3: High Resolution 3D colour image acquisition

JRA Objective 2: New methods for 3D digitisation of NH collections

Task 1: Research on different 3D techniques

Task 2: Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) for NH collections

JRA Objective 3: Crowdsourcing metadata enrichment of digital images

Task 1: Research into crowdsourcing methodologies for NH collections

Task 2: Development of website to allow crowdsourcing data capture

JRA Objective 4: Access and management of an integrated European digital collection

Task 1: Feasibility research on a “digitise on demand” (DoD) service for European NH Institutions

Task 2: Open Access to captured data

JRA Meetings: 13-15 March 2017 (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK)

Agenda 13-15 March 2017 SYNTHESYS3 JRA