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The Synthesys3 Project Wiki

SYNTHESYS3 is designed to produce an accessible, integrated European resource for researchers primarily in the natural sciences, with a major aim of broadening the User Group by making the data held within collections more easily available and thus increasing their research potential. The Consortium will create a common, high quality approach to the management, preservation, and long-term access to Europe’s major Natural History (NH) collections including virtual collections and new physical collections. This will be achieved by providing improved access to the physical collections within SYNTHESYS3 Consortium and also to the electronically stored data associated with these collections.

Work Package 2: Network Activity 2 (NA2) : Improving collections management and enhancing accessibility

To provide a coherent, integrated management approach that will enable NH collections to meet the expanding needs of Users, with particular focus on the development of and access to virtual and new physical collections.

Work Package 3: Network Activity 3 (NA3) : Innovation, Impact and Sustainability

The overall aim of NA3 is to ensure that SYNTHESYS3 has a clear pathway to impact by making certain that outputs are well publicised to, and utilised by, the broader research and development community – and that the work undertaken and benefits created continue beyond the life of the project.

Work Package 4: Joint Research Activity (JRA) : Moving from physical to digital collections

To improve access to data stored digitally within NH Institutions by developing mechanisms that enable institutions to enrich digital media with metadata to increase their usability to a broad range of potential Users.

Please be aware that only some of the Objectives, Tasks and Subtasks will be using this wiki for communication and collaboration. Any reports arising from this wiki will be uploaded to the Synthesys3 Project website: SYNTHESYS3